• Chicken with herb crust 8,99 лв

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  • Chicken fillet with teriyaki sauce and sauteed vegetables 8,99 лв

  • Chicken in sweet and sour sauce served with Basmati rice 8.99 лв


  • Julian veal with onions, mushrooms, cream and mustard 16,99 лв

  • Beef steak with wine sauce 16,99 лв

  • Veal steak with pepper sauce 16,99 лв


  • Pork cutlet with barbecue sauce, grilled corn and polenta 10,99 лв


  • Pork loin with apple cider, potatoes and baby carrots 10,99 лв


  • Pork medallions with carrots and mashed potatoes 10,99 лв

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  • Salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce and grilled vegetables 19,99 лв


  • Salmon fillet with barness sauce and asparagus 19,99 лв


  • Shrimp with white wine, garlic, dill and lemon 13,99 лв


  • BREADED SQUID served with garlic sauce 12,99 лв

    href="http://BREADED SQUID served with garlic sauce">

  • Fish Alla Milanese 9,99lv

  • Trout 9,99lv